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What's new

Enhancements and refinements to Renmoe Components Library
April 29, 2024
Joel Labaddan Jr
Creator | Founder

Introduction To Page Templates, Blog Section Components, and our What's New/Changelog Page

The release of Our Full Page Template
We've launched our sleek, minimalist full-page templates to assist you in jumpstarting your content creation. While we've initially released home page templates, additional pages will follow shortly.
New Component
Moreover, we've introduced Blog Sections. These layouts are configured to dynamically extract data from your blog posts, allowing you to fully appreciate the layout once you've created a blog post.
Furthermore, this page has been added/created in response to requests from our users.
March 10, 2024
Joel Labaddan Jr
Creator | Founder

Release Of UI Elements And Grid Layouts, Plus Additional 6 New Hero Sections

We've now launched our UI Elements and Grid Layouts!
With this new release, we introduce to you our UI Elements and Grid Layouts that will help you enhance the customization speed by incorporating smaller components into larger ones. Additionally, we had added 6 new Hero Sections.

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